Vocal Improvisation

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Vocal Improv is Coming Back Soon! 

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Vocal Improvisation is creative, fun and joyful way to explore the voice and all it’s possibilities.


About Vocal Improv with Cari

This class is for advanced and intermediate singers who can hold harmonies and want to DIVE IN and explore rhythm, musical structure, harmonies, resonance, blending, song writing, movement with singing, and more…

A little background of what influences Cari brings to these classes – which are different and unique each time!!

Cair has trained with Rhiannon, a master of vocal improvisation and teaching on and off ofr over 15 years.  She was invited to participate in the first class year of the intensive – ALL THE WAY IN, vocal improv training with 16 singers from around the world. Through her journeys and teaching with Rhiannon, Cari is now part of the international ‘ Vocal river’ a world wide community of singers who have studied with Rhiannon and shift and shape and get inspired with her teachings.  Through this work, Cari brings jazz like, rhythmic exercises, movement based group work, story telling word exercises and an all out exploration of community through vocal expression. Rhiannon is a master  teacher and performer and has recently put out a new book with great teaching ideas and tools for Vocal improvisation that we use in the class. Check out : Rhiannon Vocal River.

A major influence on Cari’s improvisation passion comes from her work with Par Ahlbom from Jarna, Sweden.  With over a decade and a half of learning and mentorship and a Master’s thesis dedicated to his work,  Cari has been developing and discovering some of the profoundity that lies in the heart of Par  Ahlbom’s teaching in sound, movement and composition.  Through his work with ‘Wender Melos’ and ‘Med Song’; through his keen awareness of the importance of flow in movement; to his connection and intuition developed through sense games that develop the 12 senses (Rudolf Steiner);  Cari is grateful for the possibilities and interesting teachings that come out of play and back into play to teach us some of the greatest mysteries and simplest truths that we strive to work with as students on a path.

Together with Cari’s other trainings and foundations of singing, Cari has a wealth of experience, knowledge and above all passion for vocal improvisation.