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Voice lessons with Cari Burdett, BMUS, MMUS

WWW.CARIBURDETT.COM for more info about Cari and her career as a vocalist.

Cari Burdett passion is the voice in song both in teaching and performance. Her extensive training includes over 3 decades of instruction, classes, trainings, workshops and professional performances with world class artists all over the world.  These experiences have shaped the way that Cari shares this passion with others.

Students of Caris’ range from babes in arms to elders. The younger ones usually attend the parent and child class with their parents until they are old enough to take individual lessons, usually around 8 years old. Singing is our birthright and Cari believes that everyone can sing. It is never too late to learn how to sing or to overcome some fear of singing. Many students have come to Cari with the belief that they cannot sing, mostly because of a belief they acquired when they were young. After working together with Cari, the student finds that they can sing and in fact have a unique and precious gift of song.

Each lesson is focused towards the individual needs of the student. Cari works from many different angles in a private lesson always thinking of the needs of the student first. This could be focusing on breathing exercises, harmony, vocal improvisation, scales, pitch, melodies, songs,  the list goes on, as there are as many ways to free to the voice as their are individuals.

Childrens lessons consist of a vocal warm up, some basic key board skills, theory awareness, rhythm and learning how to read music with a focus on the songs they sing. The children learn to bring the song from a rudimental level to a performance level. Students are encouraged to sing in the local music festivals and in Lila Music Centre performance opportunities.

Adult lessons are a little different, where each adult comes for individual needs and Cari tries to meet them where they are and to focus on their specific goals. The basic foundations of vocal technique, body awareness and musical theory are foundations to the studies, some students wish to focus on chants, some students wish to focus on vocal improvisation, while others enjoy learning how to harmonize and hold their part while Cari sings another part. Again, this journey is different for each student.

Caris’ background includes body awareness, Alexander technique, many years of classical ballet, and other forms of dance, classical voice technique, musical theatre, vocal improvisation and avant garde styles both in performance and practice and these  all come into the lesson when needed.

Mrs. Burdett trained at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music, London England under scholarship and received her Master’s degree, MMUS, in Performance Voice. While at RAM, Caris’ focus was in opera, where she preformed the role of Baba the Turk from Stravinsky’s the Rake’s Progress,  and  with contemporary music, working with composers who composed songs and mini operas for her to perform. Cari attained her undergraduate degree, BMUS, from McGill University on scholarship in Performance Voice with a focus in opera.  During these 10 years of extensive study, Mrs. Burdett studied Italian, French, German, and Russian for performance voice, and since this time she has also learnt Swedish. Mrs. Burdett  is fluent in Italian, Swedish and French.  The opera focussed trainings includes intensive study of acting, movement, stage craft, performance, make -up, vocal coaching, music history, piano accompaniment, music theory and specializations in the various song styles including, French Song, German Lied, Russian Song, English Song, Contemporary Song and Italian Song – which all have specific and differing qualities and characteristics inherent in them.

During her studies Cari met Rhiannon, a gifted teacher and performer of Vocal Improvisation, this shaped her love for new forms and ways of expression in the voice. In 2009, Cari was chosen by Rhiannon to join the first one year training in vocal improvisation – All the Way In, with 16 singers from around the globe. This style of singing is omnipresent in Cari’s teaching styles and allows and encourages student to fully express and unveil their free voice.

After her university trainings, Cari moved to Sweden with her husband Massimo Pintus, and raised two daughters. During this time, Cari studies Werbeck Singing, also known as Uncovering the Voice, a method of singing technique initiated from the opera singer Mrs.Werbeck Svardstrom. Cari studied this technique with Sinnika Mikola, Ulrika Sharman, Par Ahlbom and Arnold Mees. Cari uses this style of singing technique as a basic foundation to her teaching, and when requested can offer courses and lessons based in this style.  Massimo Pintus, is a trained Werbeck Singer with his diploma from Sweden and is also available for intensive Werbeck singing instruction.

Most recently, Cari Burdett studied intensively with world renown, soprano Nancy Argenta, an accomplished Baroque specialist and gifted teacher of the voice.  This specialization brought new awareness of the voice, speech and body into the voice, with focus on detailed techniques and methods of vocal health.

There are many ways to finding your unique and free voice and I am committed to meeting all my students in a healthy and joyful way.

Lila Music Centre
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