Cari’s dedication to bringing community together through song and music is beyond impressive. It is the people, from babies to elders, she meets day in and day out that inspire her to continually bring singing and music as a way to unify us all. I first met Cari as a parent participating in her parent & child class with my daughter. It was a wonderful way to bring mothers, fathers and their children together while also teaching us so much about the importance of song and music in the lives of adults and children. I was able to take what I learnt at Lila Music Centre back to my licensed family home daycare and share it with the children and parents there. I went on to join her community choir which is an Ubuntu choir. Ubuntu means “I am because we are.” This is expressing how much it is “an honour to be me because of you” and this is what real community is. Cari stands by this and is impeccable with her striving to make the world a better place by spreading joy through music: the goal of Lila Music Centre. The Lila Threshold Choir is another example of bringing song to those who need it most. Working with hospice and singing at memorials has brought joy to those at a time of loss or letting go. I have had the honour of singing at some memorials and it has a transforming effect –the sorrow is soothed. Really, it is hard to put into words what Cari Burdett does for her community and beyond. It is a priceless gift. -Participant in Parent and Child Music , Improvisation and 100 Voices Community Choir

I find myself singing through the streets of duncan and singing to elders at a local care home at breakfast; bringing joy to myself and others.- 100 voices participant.

singing with Cari is like coming home – Choir Participant

Parent and Child music calls is a wonderful way to connect and be creative with my children. It provides rhythm and also a lot of nourishment through the week as the chidden recall the songs and speak so fondly of Ms. Cari and the puppet plays, singing and time together with friends. Cari has a very positive and nurturing way of embracing the children and holding space. – Parent and Child Music 

Cari is a gifted teacher of singing. Her songs are uplifting and empowering to the community of humanity, starting with an open sharing and giving in our own dynamic community! – Choir student

oh my gosh, singing together with Cari’s choir is such a wonderful way of connecting with others and with our own spirituality, I am so grateful to belong to sucha bigger whole than we could be as individuals! – Singer

Cari brings life, energy and passion consistently to her directing. Her enthusiasm is contagious! Her philosophy of inclusion and community is always present. – Student

What a great way to widen our experience of community , Of positive energy being sent out into the world , Singing from the depth of our being ….. Sharing good will . – Choir Member