Parent and Children’s Music Class

NEW TERM: MARCH 7th for 6 weeks.  Wednesday mornings 11:45-12:45 

$100 for the 6 weeks

$20 drop in cost to try class out.

Required 6 week commitment to class to attend regular classes.

Email Cari any time for more info –

Singing is the best form of illness prevention, the easiest bridge-builder between human beings and the most wonderful gift adults can give to their children! Singing can help generations navigate the time and space that separates them, thus weaving a bridge of love, health and joy around the world!” Dr. Michaela Glockler, M.D, Pediatrician, Dornach, Switzerland

Have you seen that poster in town that says. ‘Success by 6, Sing Early, Sing Often”?  I really am happy that singing is what they have in mind when they say ‘success’, because singing is actually one of the most healing, healthy and beautiful ways to bring well -being and balance into a child’s life.  There are of course many studies that prove the health benefits of singing, for the lungs, the left /right brain co-ordination, the influence on language development, increase in concentration, memory, visual and listening skills, spatial orientation and physical co-ordination. The pure joy that children have when singing is enough for any care giver, parent or grandparent to encourage singing all the day long.

Singing through the day is a fun and beneficial way to make transitions between meals, cleaning up, outside time, upsets and bed times. It can help to soothe and bring calmness and bring happiness to a little grumpy moment. A collection of songs for different occasions is a valuable and joyful tool for the parents hand bag. For example, you can see how the children will join in the tidying up when you sing the “ All the things in their place..” song. In our family we have a tradition of singing before each meal to gather us together and to give thanks for the food we are about to eat. If the children are not at the table when we have asked them to come, all it takes is for us to sing that song and they know we are about to eat and magically they appear at the table to not miss out on that family ritual. Songs can also be important for bed times, as way to connect with the day and transition into sleep. If something special happened during the day, you could make up a little song about that event and weave it into a song and story. I encourage you to make up as many songs as you can, go ahead and try it out, it is really fun and the children love it too!

Do not feel discouraged if you feel you cannot sing. There is a saying from Zimbabwe: “If you can walk you can dance, if you can talk, you can sing!” Singing is truly for everyone, you might just have to try it a bit to gain a little confidence. Lila Music Centre offers a joyful approach to singing for parents and tots.

REGISTER by emailing:

Please arrive at 10:50am with slippers and a simple sugar & wheat-free snack to share.

Payment Options:
Full Cash paid on first class
Full amount in Cheque on first class
3 equal monthly post dated cheques dated 1st of the month, due on first class.

Please bring cheques signed to CARI BURDETT

No one turned away for lack of funds, please speak to Cari for sliding scale assistance.

INQUIRE:,  or call 250 701 0978

Here is a little video clip from a song I wrote about putting on all the winter clothes:  IMG_0610. Thank you tineke wilders for the video.

Families have enjoyed this popular music class since the initial class in 2005.  Parent and Child Music, was the first class at Lila Music Centre, inspired by home schooling families to bring music into the hearts and home and we haven’t missed a year since!

Join other families and create music together through song, movement, percussion, dance, games, story telling, rhymes and play.

Does your child enjoy music? Do you wish to expose your child to music with a joyful atmosphere, and  to experience music without the pressure of performance?  This parent and child’s music class caters to fostering and developing musicianship without pressure, but through imitation, joy and play. It inspires both the parent and child to bring songs and games back into the home and family life.  Song is everyone birthright!!


Parents and children will enjoy this class as we sing in the seasons and festivals, dance and play, and learn about rhythm with percussion instruments.




Many of our families return year after year, with new babies in the their  arms and older siblings who are growing up.  Babes in bellies up to approx. 7 years of age is the most common age range in the group.  Sometimes older children attend and we honour this occasion and give some challenging musical opportunities. (In fact, my older girls ask to stay home from school to attend the class – that’s how much they love it!!!)

We begin the class with our favourite welcome song every week, which marks a clear beginning and allows the children to settle. Then we sing seasonal and festive songs appropriate for the the time of year. This includes movements, dances, games, rhymes, verses and play, along with the songs. After about 30 mins of movement and song we have a little break, and take a out breath, the children enjoy this snack time together, and the parents have a little time to say hello.
We end the class with a puppet show, games and songs to say goodbye.







This class is offered in a Waldorf inspired pedagogy  style and includes learnings from Swedish Par Ahlbom, a gifted and well respect pedagogue and composer, eurythmists and other mentors along the path.







For families, this is a wonderful way to bring song back into the home. Often parents with children who are quiet in the class, remark that the child “sang all week long”, and yet in class they may be quiet. Sometimes it takes a little while for children to adapt to a new situation and class structure. In this setting, the child can soak in the experience of the music and songs and digest them in his own time, and when ready will sing, sing, sing… It is such a joy to experience children singing freely.

Often the after-class time is as much fun as the class, when parents and children play in the farmland, garden and play park situated around the Lila Music Centre heritage house.

For more inquiries and registration, please email: or call 250 701 0978