One World Festival


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WELCOME! To the One World Festival Community Choir!

Below are the recordings for each of the 3 songs to be performed by the mass choir and the links for sheet music.

SHOSHOLOZA – A popular song that originated from Zimbabwe for the coal workers, it reflects their joy in hearing the train arriving for their annual and only week  they were allowed to return to their homes to visit their families. It is commonly used in gatherings now as a song of hope and strength.

Click here for Shosholoza sheet music. And below for the recording.


TOGETHER IN BREATH – a song by Laura Sandage. I met Laura the CCLT Choir Leadership Training reunion. This is a wonderful group of community choir leaders that have been trained by Shivon Robinsong and Dennis Donnely. They bring us all together and we sing and share songs. This song I learnt at the last reunion and we enjoy singing it, with it’s up tempo and joyful rhythms and harmonies. Check out Laura Sandage here.

Click here for Together in Breath sheet music. Recording will be up ASAP.



I was introduced to this song from Maggie Wheeler, ( check out her dynamic Golden Bridge community choir here)  She and her team mate, Emile, are both  members of the CCLT group, I was fortunate to be together with them our year long training. This song is a mixture of two compositions that bring together some polyrhythms and great spirit. Tedumela was written by Brian Abrahams. ‘We are one’ by Roxane Smith was
added to it later.

Click here for Tedumela sheet music. And below for the recording This particular recording is the ‘Sing for Water’ recording from England..