Lila Community Choir

Welcome to the 2017 Season.

check out our Spring Benefit Concert

and go to our page here about more info about the show –

We will begin Wed Feb 1st 6:30 – 7:30pm

and Friday 9:30 – 10:30 am.

You can come to both or just one class.

Choir is by donation, with a suggested contribution of $10- $15/class.

For Directions to the Yurt where we sing look on the home page here. 

We will be working with the Nature Conservancy and have our concert to fundraise for the children’s nature programs in the centre.

Our Special guests will include local singer song writers, Paul Ruszel, Genevieve Charbonneau and others.

For the last ten years, Lila Music Centre has committed to sharing their musical voice in the community by bringing music, choirs and collaboration to over 100 performances, events, bedsides, vigils, rallies, walk of nation, tree light up, concerts and festivals. Director, Cari Burdett, values building community through music and creating safe and nourishing environments, where people of all ages, cultural backgrounds, ethnicity, and religious dedication and diversity can come together through song, play and joy.  

The Lila Music Centre Community Choir, has been sharing their voices and bringing joy, not only the audiences, but also the participants, who meet new friends, learn new languages and develop connections and musical skills. 

Director, Cari Burdett, brings joy and warmth to the rehearsals and invites families, students, and adults to come and join in this One World Festival Community Choir.  

To participate – Send Cari and email – 

Or call with questions – 250 701 0978



The Lila Community Choir & Lila Family Choir

“Singing with Cari is like coming home” – Choir Participant

WHAT: A local Cowichan Valley Choir that invites every one out to sing.

WHO: Calling all voices and ages in the Cowichan Valley to come on out and sing together in harmony. Families Welcome!! Children who are younger will enjoy listening to their family sing!!


We sing songs for the world, gospel, folk, fun, harmony, uplifting songs to share together as one. – One Voice. One Heart Beating. –

There is a kind of magic when many voices come together in song – we all become one, regardless of race, religion, culture, class, age, sex – we all become one.

This choir is filled with joy and love for the world, songs that help us to open our hearts and sing together in harmony.

Cari Burdett, leads the choir with great enthusiasm and dedication for inclusion, community and musical enjoyment.  Cari trained with Shivon Robinsong and Dennis Donnelly from the Gettin Higher Choir, Victoria BC, where they lead an successful Community Choir Leadership Training. After graduating from this course, members can join the Ubuntu Choirs Network, a collective of conductors and singers who promote the message of singing as a birthright.

Cari Burdett and her choirs are a member of the Ubuntu Choirs Network and promotes the joy of singing.

“I am, because you are. I need you to be you so that I can be me. A choir is a choir only because its different parts work together harmoniously. Yes, a person truly is a person only through other persons. God bless you in your noble endeavour.”

— Nobel Laureate,
Archbishop Desmond Tutu,
regarding the Ubuntu Choirs Network:

Ubuntu means:  I am because we are.
We believe that:

  • singing is an essential human birthright and a powerful source of energy and connection.
  • singing together is a potent tool for building community
  • singing in harmony teaches us to celebrate diversity, and to practice deep listening

Ubuntu choirs are:

  • inclusive (open to people from all walks of life, all cultures, faiths, abilities)
  • non-auditioned (all voices are welcome: given the right conditions, all can learn to sing in tune and in harmony)
  • community-focused (singing to build community rather than primarily for performance)
  • socially engaged (actively involved in supporting local and global communities through vocal outreach and fund-raising concerts)

We sing songs from around the world, many from the oral tradition. Through singing these songs, we can honour and tap into the wisdom of other cultures. In turn we are moved to give back to those cultures whose songs inspire and nourish us.